Blackmail (2018) 1080p YIFY Movie

Blackmail (2018) 1080p

Blackmail is a movie starring Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari, and Urmila Matondkar. When Dev finds out his wife is cheating on him, he secretly blackmails his wife and her lover as a form of revenge.

IMDB: 7.02 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 138
  • IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 45 / 287

The Synopsis for Blackmail (2018) 1080p

Dev Kaushal is a full time working man with an unexcited life on the requests of his friend Anand.He decides to surprise his wife Reena in order to make it exciting.But when he reaches home to surprise her he is shocked to see his wife with her boyfriend Ranjeet.Dev then decides to blackmail him and extort money from or else he will tell about his secret affair to his wife Dolly.

The Director and Players for Blackmail (2018) 1080p

[Director]Abhinay Deo
[Role:]Irrfan Khan
[Role:]Divya Dutta
[Role:]Urmila Matondkar
[Role:]Kirti Kulhari

The Reviews for Blackmail (2018) 1080p

Story is bestReviewed bychandrabhanu-79532Vote: 7/10

This movie is written very well, It's not a traditional bollywood movie in which we can find some repetitive storyline.Arunoday did a fine job and Irrfan is always amazing. Divya dutta displayed some guts in her character. The music is not that good but fits magically with the movie plot. This movie tell us that if you change your daily routine you will find either something surprising or shocking as happened with Dev.The maker use the props in the best way possible. Dustbin, duck and the shopping bag.

Blackly funny, twisted to the core.Reviewed byPrashast_SinghVote: 10/10

BLACKMAIL has been recently released on Prime Video a few days ago. I always wanted to watch it since the trailer was very impressive. Today, as I started watching it, I couldn't just stop myself! There were a lot of great things in the film to appreciate, and it deserved a better response.

The film is full of twists and turns, and you just can't trust anybody. It's not a mystery, but always makes you await the end. This unpredictability serves as a major plus for a film which doesn't engage in any big-budget spectacle or repeated Bollywood style musical numbers. There are plenty of funny action scenes too, and as a whole, the film has something for everyone.

Irrfan does an outstanding job in the role of a common man. Kirti is decent. Arunoday Singh entertains with his comic antics. Omi's act is completely hilarious. Other actors too put up brilliant performances. Technical aspects are decent. The music is good. Action is neatly executed. Director Abhinay Deo has done a brilliant job.

BLACKMAIL is blackly funny and twisted to the core. The climax has been executed very impressively. Don't miss this movie at any cost if you want a real tightly scripted entertainer.

Make sure you watch it - Filled with electrifying comic scenes !!!Reviewed byketgup83Vote: 9/10

Situational comedy is fun to watch since you might never know what will come next and the surprise element will make you laugh-a-loud. Andaz Apna Apna, Chachi 420, Padosan, Angoor, Choti Si Baat, Gol Maal (1979) , Chashme Badoor, Jaani Bhi Do Yaaron, Chameli Ki Shaadi, Pushpak or even Hera Phera were some of the films that left a lasting impression in your mind with hilarious diaologues and comic act. Come forward to 2018 and we have a similar genre of comedy in form of Blackmail. Will it be as crazy as Delhi Belly ? Let us find out ..

Black Mail tells the story of a middle-class office going guy, Dev Kaushal (Irrfan Khan), who wants to re-ignite the sour relationship with his wife (Kirti Kulhari). After being suggested by his peer at work, he decides to surprise his wife one night when he reaches home early than his usual time. To his dismay, he finds his wife having affair with her ex-boyfriend (Arunoday Singh). Dev does not get angry at the situation but chalks out a plan so that even he can benefit from it.

Abhinay Deo and Pervez Shaikh (writer) goes a step ahead and does not limit the movie by just husband blackmailing his wife. They create situations where there is a series of blackmailers involved and everyone wants to grab a piece of cake. Now the best part of watching Blackmail is its earnest comic scenes and timings. Secnes like Dev's boss (brilliant played by 3 idiots's Chatur a.ka. Omi Vaidya) trying to sell toilet papers, Arundhoya Singh's father-in-law threatening to take back his money at the dinner table, Dev stealing the photos of wives from his office colleague and even from his boss for pleasure every night when nobody is at office. The most hilarious scene was when he could not find anything, he took the poster of a female model to the rest room. Each and every character is brilliantly defined and it is fun to watch them play their part. While the first half has its share of moments, second half gets more meatier when more characters gets involved and it becomes a series of blackmailing. The film might get repetitive and editing could have helped making the film much more smarter than it is. Also, background score is adequate and goes well with the scenes but none of the songs will be remembered once you leave the theater. Hats off to the screenplay and dialogues who keeps you glued to the screen. Nothing much can be said about the Art Direction and Cinematography while length of the film could be trimmed by few minutes. The item song featuring Urmilla Matondkar was disappointing.

Irrfan Khan is epitome of talent. The brilliant actor, who explored his career with serious roles like Maqbool, Haasil, Paan Singh Tomar or Talwar is giving comedy films a new meaning with his quirky and witty dialogues. With Piku, Hindi Medium, Qarib Qarib Singlle and now Blackmail, Irrfan Khan steals the show with his perfect expression of taking situation-as-it-comes and bringing out humor in it. The other actor who did well was Arunoday Singh. He was really good in his comic timings. There is a scene where he secretly meets Kirti Kulhari in a theater and instead of focusing on the situation, he checks out a girl sitting in the front row who he remembered was there with some other guy previously.

Overall, Blackmail is one hell of a ride filled with twist and turns that will surely be enjoyed. Go for it 4/5

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