Isle of Dogs (2018) 1080p YIFY Movie

Isle of Dogs (2018) 1080p

Set in Japan, Isle of Dogs follows a boy's odyssey in search of his lost dog.

IMDB: 8.214 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Adventure
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.55G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 101
  • IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 17 / 639

The Synopsis for Isle of Dogs (2018) 1080p

An outbreak of dog flu has spread through the city of Megasaki, Japan, and Mayor Kobayashi has demanded all dogs to be sent to Trash Island. On the island, a young boy named Atari sets out to find his lost dog, Spots, with the help of five other dogs... with many obstacles along the way.

The Director and Players for Isle of Dogs (2018) 1080p

[Director]Wes Anderson
[Role:]Bryan Cranston
[Role:]Edward Norton
[Role:]Koyu Rankin

The Reviews for Isle of Dogs (2018) 1080p

Meh . . .Reviewed byMovie WatcherVote: 3/10

Visually unique, I really wanted to like this movie. But in the end, the overpowering synergy of the very slow pacing, the boring story line, the ridiculous plot, and the constant monotone of the droll dialog made sitting through it very disappointing.

The visual novelty wore off, it dragged on, and it seemed far longer than it was. I was relieved when it finally ended. Edited down it would have been far better as a 15-20 minute short animation.

Unfortunately, another one not worth the price of admission.

A great animation does not make a great movie.Reviewed byDanielpotatoVote: 1/10

Let me make one thing clear, at the beginning of the film is narrated a Japanese legend about a samurai who has helped a bunch of dogs in the past. Yes the hero of this story is not the little Atari Kobayashi, but the white American student with Afro hair, named Tracy Walker. Of course you could not make a movie with American money, without appearing certain mannerisms or mechanisms. The dumbest minds will say that it is to lure people to the box office, but why the Japanese people, who are hustling in the history of this movie are idiots who can not communicate without screaming, and schizophrenics that can not socialize with other individuals from other countries. The clearest example is when Tracy Walker tries to "pull" a information from a japanese scientist over a sore to heal dogs. Seriously, Hollywood, why the filmmakers do not try to first change their mentality, before writing these scripts for these films.

Yes, this movie has the same stereotype ideas about Japanese people that Hollywood thinks that is true, but I doubt many Hollywood guys had left their jobs or homes to live in Japan, and they would see a totally different life and people.

Not to mention that the story of the film is totally chiché and predictable, despite the excellent animation (stop animation animated movie) out of ordinary. But good animation is not enough to save a movie. A good script, story and characters are the main reason, because when the animation effect passed away (the Wow reaction of the audience), it is the story that stays in the memory.

The Wow effect on the audience due to the excellent animation only lasts the first 10 minutes of the movie, after this the audience becomes more interested about the story and characters rather the beautiful animation. The most important thing is how the story of the movie is told, not in what way it is told (special effects, animation or music, etc...).

Visually interesting but ultimately more style over substance.Reviewed byPjtaylor-96-138044Vote: 6/10

As is almost par for the course with Wes Anderson, at least nowadays, 'Isle Of Dogs (2018)' is far more style over substance, presenting its fairly simple story straightforwardly and with plenty of on-the-nose exposition. Thankfully, the visuals we get are splendid, aside from the annoying and too frequently used 'to-camera' framing that sees characters mug for the fame for no reason other than a repetitive and only occasionally satisfying composition. The amazing stop-motion animation and a general aesthetic balances a real tangibility with a slight absurdist cartoon feel to wonderful effect, though. The way it looks, and moves, is unique and definitely its strong point. The film, much like 'Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)', isn't really aimed at kids. I think most of the allegory and dry wit would go over their heads, and that's not even considering the non-conventional storytelling and slightly 'edgy' elements. But it didn't ever claim to be directed at them and nor should it have, though it does beg the question as to why the narrative seems so diluted and bizarrely expositional (as I've mentioned) - and no it isn't just Anderson's 'style', which can't be an excuse for lazy storytelling - if it didn't have to aim for the youngest of its possible audience. It's the fact that the experience is a passive one, no matter how well crafted or 'quirky', that isn't particularly funny or engaging, that stops it from being any better than it ultimately is. 6/10

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