Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p YIFY Movie

Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p

Light Sleeper is a movie starring Willem Dafoe, Susan Sarandon, and Dana Delany. A drug dealer reconsiders his profession when his boss plans to go straight and an old flame reappears.

IMDB: 6.92 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.62G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 103
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 18 / 73

The Synopsis for Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p

A drug dealer with upscale clientele is having moral problems going about his daily deliveries. A reformed addict, he has never gotten over the wife that left him, and the couple that use him for deliveries worry about his mental well-being and his effectiveness at his job. Meanwhile someone is killing women in apparently drug-related incidents.

The Director and Players for Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p

[Director]Paul Schrader
[Role:]Susan Sarandon
[Role:]Dana Delany
[Role:]Willem Dafoe
[Role:]David Clennon

The Reviews for Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p

Powerful and engaging story .............Reviewed bymerklekranzVote: 7/10

An upscale drug dealer, Susan Sarandon, trying to get out of the business for a future in cosmetics, leaves her runner, Williem Dafoe, with an uncertain future. This straightforward story is propelled by Dafoe's heartfelt performance. Make no mistake, this is Willem Dafoe's movie, and "Light Sleeper" takes the audience into his dark world. The acting by everyone is extremely convincing, including an almost unrecognizable David Spade. Willem Dafoe's torment is presented in such a believable manner he elicits sympathy despite his unsavory occupation. .................................................................. Recommended viewing. - MERK

Guess it's time to revisit "American Gigolo"...Reviewed byBob WestalVote: 9/10

Just wanted to add my two cents worth, mainly regarding where I differ from the other comments.

A few folks complained that the ending was too similar to "American Gigolo" (and may have been, in turn, lifted from a nameless French film).

Well, I haven't seen "Gigolo" since it came out. (At the time, I remember liking it a lot more than most of my friends and most of the critics. I'm a sucker for redemption stories, I guess.) In any case, I've long since forgotten the ending, so that may explain why I found myself so moved by the ending of "Light Sleeper."

I also enjoyed the fact that it wasn't easy to see where things were heading, either in terms of plot or emotions.

But, the tradition of rather strange flaws in Schrader's movies continues, this time a god-awful musical score (sort of 90's era-Springsteen mixed with Robbie Robertson, but in a bad, bad way) that could have destroyed the movie for me -- if it weren't so superb in every other way.

The cast is consistently good and it's nice to see Mr. Intensity, Willem Dafoe, portray an essentially sweet natured, though intense, person for a change -- but I was especially entranced by Susan Sarandon's work toward the end of the film.

I understand that idea of the "drug dealer with heart of gold" may seem like an oxymoron -- but that's part of the point of the film, that our commonplace ways of characterizing our fellow man may not be all that terribly accurate in all situations.

In this light, there's an interesting scene about half-way through the film where a homicide detective questions Dafoe. The dialogue, and even the acting, could have been taken from a thousand movie scenes where a detective questions a sleazy dope peddler -- Dafoe even takes on the traditional body language that we associate with such characters. It's almost as if Dafoe wandered into a more traditional movie starring the detective.

But, knowing what we do about Dafoe's character and why he's not being forthcoming changes entirely the way we view the scene.

Good stuff.

Just watched it after years of searchingReviewed byrdeschene3Vote: 7/10

About 10yrs ago I became aware of this movie and, as a result of the Last Temptation of Christ, I was already very curious about Willem Dafoe's other roles. I have occasionally looked for copies of this movie in small town rental stores and discount bins to no avail.

I finally broke down and bought Light Sleeper on DVD and I am very happy I did. This is one of Dafoe's better roles -- his performance is almost always very good, but let's face it, he's taken on a few weak roles in the past: "Clear and Present Danger" springs to mind here. Not much script to work with.

But then there's Affliction (same screenwriter as Light Sleeper), LTofC, Platoon (an over-dramatic production, IMHO), Triumph of the Spirit, To Live and Die in L.A. (good fun for Michael Mann and William Peterson fans) that's why I finally bought this DVD.

Anyways, I think Willem Dafoe's performance was comparable to Triumph of the Spirit, as was the script and production. Susan Sarandon was a pleasant surprise - I thought she might bring the movie down by being too dramatic or "sex kitteny", but this is right around the period she began to play the role of a woman and not a girl.

As far as Michael Been's songs in the soundtrack are concerned: I'm a modest fan of "The Call" and I rather enjoyed the soundtrack. It is a movie of its time in that the songs are featured more prominently in the mixing level and duration than one would expect of today.

I found the story compelling: I cared what happened to the characters next. In my opinion, if a movie can't do that it's wasting precious minutes of my life. I donate exceptional movie DVDs to our local (small town) library collection, and this will be one of them.

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