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Mute (2018)

A mute bartender goes up against his city's gangsters in an effort to find out what happened to his missing partner.

IMDB: 5.44 Likes

  • Genre: Mystery | Sci-Fi
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.14G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 126
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 11 / 61

The Synopsis for Mute (2018) 720p

Berlin. Forty years from today. A roiling city of immigrants, where East crashes against West in a science-fiction Casablanca. Leo Beiler (Skarsgard), a mute bartender has one reason and one reason only for living here, and she's disappeared. But when Leo's search takes him deeper into the city's underbelly, an odd pair of American surgeons (led by Rudd) seem to be the only recurring clue, and Leo can't tell if they can help, or who he should fear most.

The Director and Players for Mute (2018) 720p

[Director]Duncan Jones
[Role:]Justin Theroux
[Role:]Alexander Skarsgard
[Role:]Paul Rudd

The Reviews for Mute (2018) 720p

Ambitious and evocative, but also pretentious and impenetrable.Reviewed byTroy_CampbellVote: 5/10

Netflix has been going all-in on original content over the last few years, but until recently that was primarily through long-form narrative shows (one story told over multiple episodes) and disposable Adam Sandler movies. The last six months has seen the streaming service giant make a big push into A-grade feature length work (Mudbound, Bright, Cloverfield Paradox, to name just a few), and this sprawling sci-fi is arguably their most intriguing prospect yet. With ambitious auteur Duncan Jones given free rein on what he has expressed as his passion project, having concocted the story with childhood friend and co-writer Michael Robert Johnson, there's zero chance of it being dull. And dull it most definitely isn't, the propulsive story-a man scours the grimy underbelly of a futuristic Berlin when his girlfriend goes missing-keeps the viewer on their toes whilst the gorgeous realisation of a Blade Runner-esque tech-future is a pure feast for thine eyes. But here's the catch: with a reluctance to explain almost anything about this world, or provide character motivation for anyone other than Alexander Skarsg?rd's silent bartender Leo, the plot can be complicated to the point of pretentious. There are a lot of little flourishes and subtle touches that colour this universe, although they would have meant so much more if the overall context was clearer. As it stands these unexplained moments become increasingly frustrating, threatening to derail the whole movie. His acting skills well and truly put to the test, Skarsg?rd is likable enough as the gentle giant on a mission; however, Paul Rudd is horribly miscast as a scumbag AWOL soldier, his persistent mean-spirited goading of others regularly veering into pantomime. There is clearly a lot of passion and ambition on display with Mute, but while for some it will be evocative and demanding, for others it will simply be pompous and impenetrable. For me it's somewhere in the middle with the scales tipping ever so slightly towards the latter.

Another Let down by Duncan JonesReviewed bypranayjalviVote: 5/10

Duncan Jones, who started his career with movies like Moon and Source Code lost his way with Warcraft and same happened in the case of his new feature 'Mute'. The plot was weak and confusing and nothing so pleasing to watch. The only good thing in the movie was the visual effects and the background score. A tight screenplay and a better direction would have made 'Mute' a much better movie to watch.

My Rating : 2.5/5

Another terrible Blade Runner Rip-OffReviewed byadonis98-743-186503Vote: 1/10

A mute bartender goes up against his city's gangsters in an effort to find out what happened to his missing partner. Mute offers to little and does even more little with it's cast and the overall story as a whole isn't that interesting to begin with, the acting from Alexander Skarsgard is terrible and he is the worst type of lead for this kind of movie, Paul Rudd looks weird with that moustache on his face and Justin Theroux even worse with that fake wig and the overall concept isn't even original at this point.

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